Backyard Science

This week’s post is about the ubiquity of science, it really is all around us! You don’t need to be in a lab to be investigating how the world/universe works. Even your back yard can be a great place to introduce people to scientific enthusiasm!

Inspiration for this post cam last week when I was wandering round outside at home and happened to look in a water-filled barrel. The water was full of little invertebrate larvae, which I assumed were sandflies. A quick google search revealed that I was indeed correct and I even took some inside so I could see if they would metamorphose. Unfortunately, I think I had too many in a small container and they didn’t look too happy by morning. But the great thing is that it prompted me to look into the development and life history of these annoying little beasts. I learned a few interesting facts about the creatures I hate so much (just thinking about them makes me itch) from Te Ara – The Encyclopaedia of New Zealand.

Here are some photos I took of the larvae I found.



And another showing the very classic allergic reaction I get when bitten. Maybe I should do a post about allergic reactions soon?


I hope this post has inspired you to hunt out some science in your back yard to involve your family and friends! Feel free to add your every-day science ideas in the comments 🙂


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